Un prototype du dispositif LiveBraille pour les malvoyants

PhenixNova accompagne l’innovation pour les malvoyants

Fondée par l’ingénieur Ahbinav Varma, la société LiveBraille fabrique un dispositif d’aide au déplacement destiné aux non-voyants et malvoyants.

PhenixNova a accompagné LiveBraille durant 1 mois de conseil en stratégie de levée de fonds et c’est avec une grande satisfaction que nous annonçons la levée de 100 000 $ de LiveBraille  auprès de Business Angels. Ce n’est qu’une étape.

Un prototype du dispositif LiveBraille pour les malvoyants
Prototype du dispositif LiveBraille pour les malvoyants

A cette occasion, nous partageons une interview avec le fondateur de LiveBraille. L’interview est entièrement en anglais.


PhenixNova : Can you take us back before LiveBraille started ?

A.V : Live braille started from an asia pacific competition held by IMechE UK where it wont the first award, second best all over Asia pacific. The project for me being a mechanical engineer was dead by the end of the competition but the plans totally changed when live braille was tested in a blind institute in Chandigarh before NDTV media. The test not only surprised the media people but also me the developer. The blind was actually able to navigate with stunning speeds with not even an hour of practice! Since then it became a mission of my life to get live braille into the market and get the blinds ‘blowing past you!’


PhenixNova : could you explain us what does LiveBraille do ?
A.V : It’s simple live braille measures the distance of any obstacle in the direction of our fingers, categorizes the distance into 3 categories and then every category is represented by one dedicated vibrator on the finger. So the distance of an obstacle in the direction of every finger is represented by one of the 3 vibrators on the finger.


PhenixNova : The idea seems revolutionary and simple at the same time, how did you get the first idea ? 
A.V : This is very well explained in the TEDx video.


PhenixNova : The demonstrations are amazing, how long did it take to build the prototype ?
A.V : Developing the first prototype took us 2 months due to the constant test we did ‘ Live Braille was born our of less of research and more of tests’. The simplicity renders Live Braille to be extremely reliable, robust and scale-able !


PhenixNova : Until now, you won a lot of prizes, which one are you most proud of ?
A.V : Most proud of, well the first award at Hong Kong, awarded by IMechE UK.


PhenixNova : What is your ambition for 2014 ?
A.V : 2014: targeting 11000 units sold while projecting a revenue close to $1Mn. Also looking for more technical developments adding more and more tech features like maybe just switching on your lights by pressing as button on the Live Braille glove.
Un patient participant aux tests de LiveBraille
Un patient participant aux tests de LiveBraille


PhenixNova : And how do you see yourself in 5 years ?
A.V : Next 5 years ? BIG! financially we look at Live Braille by then a billion dollar company becoming the standard for blind navigation. We look forward to do what the White Cane did maybe a few hundred years ago! it’s surprising to see there has been no major invention in the field since then that provided the reliability of the white cane!

PhenixNova : Any word for potential investors ?

A.V : Due to the extraordinary scale-ability, market  and capability of the device the domain of investors is huge, starting from the companies providing insurance to the blind,major blind organisations right to military(Live Braille with a few changes has serious military application which we plan to explore in 2015).

Merci à Abhinav de nous avoir accordé cette interview et lui souhaitons la plus grande réussite. Restez à l’écoute pour la suite de l’aventure !